Companies call it a WhatsApp bot.
But your customers think it’s human.

Let Cowbot handle your sales & customer inquiries 24/7 using AI.

Understands all humans

Your bot understands the customer's question and responds like a human would. Including grammatical errors. No need to be restricted to keywords or exact terms.

Receives audios without complaining

Customers can type text or send audios, the bot will listen and respond normally. Long audios? No problem, your bot is quite patient.

Secure WhatsApp number

We are official partners of Meta. We guarantee the security of your number with direct registration with partner operators and message sending through the Facebook API.

Customized responses

You will train your bot with the most common questions & answers from customers. Besides never forgetting what it learned, it also responds in seconds.

Official Partners
Microsoft Azure
Facebook Meta

We use Artificial Intelligence for everything

Operating 24 hours/day, authorized by the Robot Union.

Verified Partners

All messages are sent through WhatsApp Business API. We are an official Meta Business Partner. Scale your messages with a healthy number.

Bot Personality

You choose the tone of the conversation. Your bot can be fun, use emojis, be straightforward, more formal, salesy.

Understands All Messages

Don’t worry about your customers’ grammatical errors. Cowbot understands better than humans - and knows dozens of different languages.

Listens to Audios

It listens to the audio and responds in text, simple and fast. Chatty customers will love it.

AI Conversation

We use conversational artificial intelligence for everything. Your customer receives the humanized attention they deserve. And you don’t pay anything extra for it.

Knowledge Base

You upload your company’s information. Files, links, copy-and-paste, or typing manually. The bot learns and responds.

Human Operators

Allow your team to take over conversations. Create support tickets based on custom rules.

Leads Dashboard

Easily find contacts that have interacted most with Cowbot. Apply search filters. Export data in .csv for your CRM.

Pay Per Conversation

Not per message. If a customer sends you a message, the bot or your operators can talk to them for 24 hours, with no additional cost.

Custom Plan

Campaign Funnel

Schedule the sending of messages. Date ranges, audience segmentation, personalized messages. Create a complete funnel.

Custom Plan

Integrations & API

Contact us regarding your system. We can integrate with several CRM, ERP, or any other system you use.

Custom Plan


Your customer can make appointments using text or audio, without needing to access external links or type commands.

You know that story about bots replacing humans? Well…

Fewer employees. More sales.

Online 24x7

No lunch breaks or days off on holidays. Your bot always active on WhatsApp.

Immediate Response

4 seconds. No transferring the customer to other departments or making them wait on the line.

Recover Sales

Service so effective they won’t even think about checking the competition. Sell on the spot.

Subscribe to Cowbot

One Bot Doing the Work of 100 Employees

Plans based on the number of conversations. A conversation with a customer lasts 24 hours, regardless of the number of messages.

Base Plan

Great for leaner companies with a thousand monthly conversations in one bot.

US$ 799/month

  • 1 WhatsApp bot
  • 1,000 included conversations
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited audios
  • Unlimited leads
  • Access for 2 users
  • Unlimited knowledge base
  • + $1.00 per extra conversation
  • + $50/m for each additional operator
Create Account

Pro Plan


Get more bots and conversations.

US$ 2,199/month

  • 2 WhatsApp bots
  • 5,000 conversations total
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited audios
  • Unlimited leads
  • Access for 10 users
  • Unlimited knowledge base
  • + $0.9 per extra conversation
  • + $40 for each additional operator
  • + $250/m for each additional bot
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Custom Plan

Looking for something else? Let us know your company needs and we'll get it done quickly.

What can we do for you?

  • Help with your team's onboarding
  • Integrate with your system
  • Add new functions to your bot
  • Calculate a custom price
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More about Cowbot

Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask Cowbot directly on WhatsApp or [email protected]

How does this conversation calculation work?

This rule comes from WhatsApp Business. If John sends you a message on Tuesday at 3 PM, you can talk to him until Wednesday at 3 PM, paying for only 1 conversation (regardless of the number of messages). If you continue after this period, another conversation is charged and so on. The rule also applies to conversations initiated by you or from advertisements.

What is the definition of 1 bot?

Each WhatsApp account, with its respective number, that you connect to Cowbot, is characterized as a bot. If you want to have more than one number, i.e., more than one bot, you need to choose the appropriate plan.

Can I bring my own number?

Yes, landline or mobile. As long as it does not have an active WhatsApp account and you can receive the verification code by SMS or voice (a call from Meta, in English). If it is already active on WhatsApp, just cancel the account directly through the official app and then register it in our system. It is not possible to migrate messages.

What access level can I give my employees?

Administrator or Operator. The first can make all changes to the tool, including registering or removing bots. Operators can only communicate with customers through Chats or Tickets, without changing the system settings.

Can I add links to my answers?

Yes, when training your bot with answers, you can just paste links to each specific question. So in case a customer asks for a house with sea view and 3 brs, your bot will answer with links matching that description.

Is this based on flows or keywords?

Your bot is fully conversational, just like a human would be. The bot understands the context of the question from your client and answers accordingly based on its training. It is not necessary to create a static flowchart or keyword list.